Recognise >>> Defend >>> Protect

cyscon UK is specialised in the detection of cyber threats and their mitigation. This is achieved through a widespread network of data sensors such as honeypots and website plugins, alongside our excellent cooperations with anti-virus developers and security experts all around the world. Read on to see what cyscon can do for you and your business!

About cyscon

Who are we and what do we do?

1. Check Internet Access

We will test your Internet connection for open ports and services offered. This scan will help you to seal unnecessary holes in the ports and remind you to shut off the doors in your network.

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2. Browser & Plugin Check

83% of all malware infections could have been avoided, if the browser plugins had been updated in the first place.

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3. Harden My System!

You can further protect your system with our "Cyber Vaccination". This hardens your system in addition to your existing anti-virus products. The Vaccination is free of charge.

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Helping you stay safe online

Let's look at our popular security solutions

Enterprise Customers

cyscon offers a range of products for big business: Brand & Phishing protection, Monitoring, anti-DDoS, Login Interception and more

Small & Medium Businesses

Not only big business are at risk from cyber attacks. We can help you with Website Checks, Security Seals, CMS Protection and more:

Private User

Protect yourself and your family against Cyber Crime. We provide Anti Virus Solutions, Malware Cleaners, Cyber Vaccinations and more